Example of A Entrepreneur Weekly Content Schedule

Here's a Weekly Example on how you can start a weekly content schedule 

Monday: "Mindset Monday" - Share a quote or message that focuses on the importance of having a growth mindset as an entrepreneur.

Tuesday: "Tip Tuesday" - Share a valuable tip or piece of advice that can help entrepreneurs overcome challenges and reach their goals.

Wednesday: "Wins Wednesday" - Share a success story or testimonial from a past or current entrepreneur who has used our products or services to achieve success.

Thursday: "Throwback Thursday" - Share a photo or story from the early days of our business or an entrepreneurial journey that we have been a part of.

Friday: "Feature Friday" - Share a profile or interview with a successful entrepreneur, highlighting their journey and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Saturday: "Strategy Saturday" - Share a specific strategy or tactic that entrepreneurs can use to grow their business and achieve success.

Sunday: "Self-care Sunday" - Share tips or resources for entrepreneurs to take care of themselves and maintain a work-life balance.

Again, this is an example of a weekly content schedule for Instagram and Facebook, you may need to adjust it to fit your brand and the audience you are trying to reach.

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